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Roflight produces lure machine for falconers by falconers. The machine is ready to use. A useful tool for training your precious hunting bird. These machines are in speed radio controlled. Powerful machines to pull a lure (artificial prey). It imitates a flushing prey. Suitable for birds of prey such as hawks and buzzards which are able to catch ground moving prey.

Some specifications:

  •       Machine weight: 5kg.
  •       Pull force permissible: 1,5kg.
  •       Speed: 10-15 m / s.
  •       Battery: 12V, Pb, 7000mAh.
  •       RC: Gun transmitter: 2.4GHz.
  •       Range: 300m.
  •       Dimensions: 23 x 20 x 20cm.
  •       Charger: 1.5A.
  •       Working temperature: -10, +30 degrees Celsius.

 A lure machine consists of:

  •      1x lure machine.
  •      1x charger.
  •      1x gun transmitter.

Price lure machine: 535,00 euros* (excl.21% vat). 


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50m braided navy line 1.5mm thick:

Price : 12,50 euros* (excl.21% vat).



We only use CE marked components.

Use the machine at your own risk!


2 months after purchase 1st buyer for manufacturing defects.

For safe use, here are some recommendations and are beyond the responsibility of Roflight:

  • The winding spool is located on the machine, a rotating part outside the machine, the user is self responsible to keep anyone away from the rotating spool during use!
  • Don't let yourself, others, your dog or bird get caught in the line!
  • After use, the machine must be turned off. If left on, the battery will run down and damage may occur (shorter battery life).
  • Make sure the machine never falls over on the spool.
  • Always store the machine in a dry place.
  • During use, make sure that you never wind the line up to the end so that the lure gets caught in the machine. This can cause serious damage.
  • To prevent the risk of fire / burn out or overload, the machine is protected by a circuit breaker.
  • Use of a heavy lure or functioning in rough terrain requires an extra fixation pin for the machine.
  • If the line is jammed, do not operate the motor at full load for more than 3 seconds!


A line can be supplied with the machine. Roflight prefers the 1.5mm braided navy line of 50 meters. This ensures a clear length. The line thickness determines the length that you want to use. The thinner the line, the more length will fit on the spool, but please note: the more chance of cuts in case of possible entanglement / incorrect use. Roflight advises to always use a 2 meter bottom line of at least 2mm thickness.


The Roflight lure machine is made in small numbers on order.  Mail for availability and delivery time to:


Enjoy Roflights lure machine training!


*prices subject to change.